Everyone is talking of scent branding. I will help you through the jargon and help you choose the best solution for your business, be it a small boutique organisations, artistic groups, art galleries, institutions and individuals. I can advise you on how to create a full sensory imprint for places, products and brands.  I will help you choose the best sensory materials to boost the ambience of an office, sales agency, medical centre, beauty salon or SPA, law firm, open space office, hotel, restaurant, fairground and all the other places where your clients’ comfort is essential for the experience of the brand, the place and the service. Properly designed graphics, fabrics and fragrance will also increase the experience of exhibitions, artistic events, shows, concerts and cultural events. I use only professional materials from top quality ingredients, made by perfumers.
  • Scent Marketing to create your Olfactory signature
  • Creating your olfactory signature for your business location: offices, shopping centres, hotels, sports clubs…
  • Preliminary consulting to define your fragrant project adapted to your philosophy to enhance your brand image
  • Accompany you in the creation of your scent with trusted perfume partners and noses
  • Advice in choosing the right perfume diffusers, essential oils or a personalised fragrance
  • Certified IFRA & REACH perfume creations in Grasse
  • After sales service and maintenance