Helen Christine Gailey

Helen Christine Gailey, has travelled the world to talk of fragrances and animate new perfume launches for several internationally known companies and brands. She has also managed the launch of small niche brands. Her passion is to share her passion of fragrances. Today she shows us that the Art of Smell can be placed in every kind of world for a true brand experience. She has shared her Fragrance knowledge with a series of Fragrance workshops Les Ateliers Olfactifs in Geneva.

Helen Christine also has a big heart and enjoys bringing comfort to elderly patients. With her charismatic personality, she is using the enigmatic power of olfactory stimulation to animate elderly peoples lives using the Smell&Connect© cards.

The word Smell

Why use the word Smell? there are so many beautiful and descriptive names: scent, fragrance, odour, olfactory, stench, reek, (for a bad smell), perfume, bouquet, tang, essence, redolence, flavour, emanation, hint, suggestion, whiff, ambience, tone…

However, it all comes down to Smell. And we can describe smell in many ways, many words, films, books, but what better way to actually discover a smell is by actually smelling it.

Smell is an Art

Smell is an art in its own right. We capture so many memories and just one smell can trigger those memories which can bring comfort:

“That perfume that my mother wore, reminds me of her goodnight kisses and so I will always associate Chanel N°5 with my mother.”

Smell is a very important part of our lives, and influences many things:

When you smell food, it starts the reaction of saliva in the mouth, which in turn starts the digestive system and raises the desire to eat! “Oh that smells good, I am hungry….”
Smell also can be an important factor in neurology, and today one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia is the loss of smell.

Art of Smell is working with elderly patients to help maintain memories and spend beautiful moments, using the Smell & Connect© cards.

Artists are bringing the dimension of Smell into Art, with exhibitions that include the dimension of smell to their sculptures, paintings and artistic presence.

Art of Smell will bring the Olfactory sensations to other Art forms.

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