The Workshop about Woody notes

Date 5 Oct 2017

Lieu  To be confirmed

Time : 18h00

Limited to 15 people.

This fragrance workshop is dedicated to the fragrance universe of the woody notes in perfume, the tone and emotion, from dry notes to warm vibrant tones, that bring harmony to a mystically woody fragrance.
  • What is Patchouli?
  • How is Santal extracted?
  • What does ceder wood do to a fragrance?

All these questions will be answered, the first half of the session will be a full discussion on prime raw materials, their extraction processes, from the original plant to its use in the perfume creation.

The second half of the workshop will be the presentation of 4-5 carefully selected fragrances from this family of woody perfumes. We will present the most classical first fragrance to the discovery of exclusive modern fragrances just out on the market. By trying and living these perfumes on the skin, you will discover the magic of their formulas.

The first atelier will be in French,

Please join me sign up and spend a magical intimate evening discovering the fascinating world of wood fragrances.


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